Im so shocked of this place. First of all I want to say thank you for being a Eco Friendly zone. The interior design if so marvelous. Seems like you are in one whole different environment.

Anyhow, I went in with a wtf face is this. The guy behind of the counter right away said “First timer?” And I said yes. He highly recommend their highly popular dishes which are the Banh Mi and Phó . I went for the Grilled Chicken Banh Mi and Woah! The freshness of the product and the crunchiness of the fresh baked bread just made me go through a brick wall.

I highly recommend Nam, I their sandwiches are really good I can definitely say everything else will be as good or better than a Banh Mi. On top of that IF you are a Santa Ana College Student you get a discount. Will keep on coming back.”

Francisco M.
Santa Ana, CA

“This is a great spot for a quick Vietnamese bite on the go.

The people are great and I enjoyed the pho and the rice bowls.”

Mike H.
Dana Point, CA

veg_pho_nam_vietnamese_eatery   tofu_and_herbs_bahn_mi_nam_vietnamese_eatery   veg_pho_sriricha_nam_vietnamese_eatery

“Nam nam nom nom…. Nam has yummy banh mi.  I tried the tofu and herb banh mi can be made vegan or vegetarian (with butter).  It is delicious.  What’s great is that it is close to work.

It is better than Veggie Grill tofu banh mi because of the bread.  This Nam knows what banh mi is supposed to be.

The place is clean and workers know what vegan means.  It is crowded at lunch time so come early.  The place is small and crowded (space between tables).  That is the only thing that is not so good.  But when it is not crowded it is great to be there.

They use biodegradable utensils, bowls, etc.  They also have non-GMO Almond milk so if you want to get the tea or coffee with it.

After trying some more of the tofu dishes, I voted that the tofu and herbs banh mi is the BEST of all (ask them to veganize it if you are a vegan).  The 2nd best was the Vegetarian Pho.

What I also love is the green sauce(chimichurri like) that comes with the chips.  YUM YUM!  It was garlicky, sweet and tangy, spicy, salty, etc. all flavors combined.  I love it.  The only improvement that will be beneficial is to make the chips more CRISPY.  I put them in a toaster for a 2 minutes then it is just right!”

green_sauce_chimichurri_nam_vietnamese_eatery   almond_milk_ices_tea_nam_vietnamese_eatery

Debbie K.
Tustin, CA

bhan_mi_grilled_pork_sandwhich_nam_vietnamese_eatery  Grilled_beef_bowl_with_rice_nam_vietnamese_eatery

“Nom nom nom at Nam.

I like this place! Just came here on the 10th of September and it’s their grand opening  week. It opened up right next to Starbucks,  across from santa ana college.  I’m excited because I’m always in the area but there was a lack of good vietnamese restaurants.

I ordered a banh mi with grilled pork.  It came out in about 5 minutes and tasted pretty good.  The bread and ingredients were fresh and there was a sizeable amount.  Also, since it’s grand opening week, they have a free spring roll with every order.  Total price was only $5.35.  Great deal!

As for service,  there was one worker who was super helpful,  friendly,  knowledgeable,  and I liked, but the rest of staff is probably still getting trained.  They weren’t all that enthusiastic or seem to know about the food quite yet but I’m sure it’ll get better.

Anyway,  I really like this place because of the solid food,  nice environment,  and great value.  Definitely will be back.”

inside_of the_restaurant_nam_vietnamese_eatery

Randy I.
Garden Grove, CA


“I just had their pork & shrimp spring rolls, home made chips and it was all to die for!
They catered an IAMS event I went to and they are on my bucket list to visit!!”

Brenda T.
Lakewood, CA


“I had the beef Pho and loved it.  The shrimp and beef spring rolls were good, as we’re the fried bananas.  The selection of Pho soups is small, only 4 – but I really enjoyed the beef Pho. The also offers bun (vermicelli dish) bahn mi (sandwiches) and com (rice bowl).  Overall the restaurant was very clean, the service was terrific, and the food was delicious.”



J D.
Mission Viejo, CA


“I was super excited when I saw this little place had popped up near my house. First thing I tried is the rice bowl. I almost always order the beef rice bowl with brown rice, a little hoisin sauce and some hot sauce and oh man, It’s delicious. The Vietnamese sandwich with grilled pork is also delicious and inexpensive! I’ve also had the spring rolls and fried rolls. All are great. Ive become pretty much obsessed with this place and come whenever I can manage. They also offer Thai ice tea with almond milk which is great.
On top of the good food everyone that works here is super friendly and helpful!! Gotta say that I am a fan.”

Brenda M.
Santa Ana, CA



“Venturing into The Nam…

Situated in an ideal location, Nam has the opportunity to support the Vietnamese culture and provide locals and college students with a taste of fashionable fare from the Far East. Sit down for lunch or grab a bite to go, Nam will surely fulfill your Banh Mi fix or your Pho urges.”
David T.
Garden Grove, CA

“Delicious!! I ordered the bánh mì with tofu and requested it to be made vegan. They put a different sauce if you request the vegan version. It was the best bánh mì I’ve ever had! Granted I haven’t had a ton of different ones and I only stick to the vegan versions but this is the best I’ve had. Their tofu is seasoned perfectly!! They are also very environmentally friendly and the customer service is great! Can’t ask for more. I’m excited that this establishment with such delicious vegan friendly options has opened and it’s so close to my house! :)”

Silvia B.
Santa Ana, CA

“Place is really nice and small. Tends to get packed since it is in a plaza and across a college. I got a rice chicken bowl and it was quite delightful! It had flavor which is great. Only downfall was that I thought it was really oily. But it was yummy!”

Fernando A.
Santa Ana, CA

   roll_noodles_nam_vietnamese_eatery  restaurant_nam_vietnamese_eatery  ph_tai_nam_vietnamese_eatery


“Ch giò, Bánh mì ch cá, bánh cun rt ngon.

I came here today for the Grand Opening. There are so many kinds of Viet food free sample. I tried the sandwiches, the egg rolls, bún tht nng they are all very tasty. So I order extra Togo.
The style of dine in and to go here is different.   Everything is díposable, clean ith style.
The price at Nam is very moderate. The most important are the taste and the services.
I like it very much so I give it a 5 for this category restaurant.”

John T
Fresno, CA


“Absolutely delicious and clean feeling food! I tried the tofu bowl with rice and fresh veggies! Highly recommend this place! It’s great to see a restaurant with multiple vegetarian options!”

Zainab A.
Santa Ana, CA

“This place is great! I come here once a week ! The food is great and customer service! Once you walk in you can feel the great service! Try it out.”

Valentin G.
Santa Ana, CA

Food was fresh. Decor was modern and very clean. Staff was super nice and helpful.

I got the rice bowl with shrimp twice and would get it again. One time the cucumbers were medallions and the other they were julienned and I preferred them julienned 100%. Vietnamese coffee was great and the thai iced tea was outstanding.

I was looking forward to trying the filet mignon on my next visit but after reading reviews here it looks like I won’t have the chance. Bummer because if I liked the shrimp I know I would have loved the filet!

Love that they use earth friendly packaging that still looks stylish!

Cheif F.
Fullerton, CA


“Very friendly service and quality food. I’m impressed with the quality of food, and the atmosphere is nice. The food tastes good too and the staff is friendly. I’ll be back.”

Philip D.
Garden Grove,





“Love the pho, rice bowls, salads, and noodle bowls. Fried bananas are good too. Service is excellent, restaurant is modern, and menu is simple. I’d give it 5 stars only I didn’t care for the fish balls on small bites menu or the meat balls in pho. The pork on noodle dish trends to have fatty parts but I think that’s common for that dish. Still, glad to have Nam in the neighborhood.”

Vicnlubna G.
Santa Ana, CA

Com Dia With Grilled Pork And White Rice - nam vietnamese eatery

“Stumbled upon this place by mistake and was glad I did! The staff is super friendly! I had the rice dish with grilled pork and it was AMAZING! My boyfriend ordered a sandwich also with grilled pork & liked it so much that he ordered a second one (this time with grilled onions – FANTASTIC). Note that crispy spring rolls are basically egg rolls and they are delicious too. I was also really impressed to find out that they’re still in their soft opening stage. We will be back soon!”

Michelle J.
Fresno, CA

“This place is close to home so wanted to check it out. It is in the plaza across the street from SA College. Plenty of parking available.

It’s a small place with a small menu but the food was very good. I got the pork Com Dia served on rice. A fried egg is served on top. The pork was delicious.

The girls working there were very friendly and helpful. Checked with us later to see how the food was.

The marinated cubed filet mignon is no longer on the menu. That was disappointing as, based on Yelp reviews, that is what I came for.

I will be back and I do recommend as the food was good and very fresh tasting along with friendly workers.”

Tim L.
Santa Ana, CA

“Great quality food … Tried pretty much everything on their menu and all the food is great its our to go spot.”

Carlita A.
Santa Ana, CA

Crispy Spring Roll - nam vietnamese eatery“Really nice staff! Food was healthy and tasty. I had Com Dia with chicken and shared crispy spring rolls. The Com Dia also had fried egg on top and lots of garnish too! Will be back!”

Mika D.
Santa Ana, CA



“Oh My. Nam Vietnamese Eatery was catering a shoot I was at today, and boy was it a success! The vegetarian spring rolls were delicious, just delicious. I can’t remember the name of the other dishes but they were all scrumptious. Definitely recommend!”

Nanou A.
Los Angeles, CA

Pork Spring Roll Dish - nam vietnamese eateryGreat for a college crowd and quick lunch. Everything here is biodegradable. Restaurant had very nice staff and young.”

Navarad P.
Los Angeles, CA


“This place is delicious! So happy that this opened up near my work 🙂 I had the chicken rice bowl, which comes with delicious grilled chicken, your choice of brown or white rice, and lots of pickled veggies, cucumber, and some type of delicious sauce. Oh, and a fried egg! Which makes everything better! I also had the iced green tea, which had a good flavor, not bitter at all. Definitely coming back here for future lunches!”

Katie M.
Anaheim, CA

“One word….Awesome…okay maybe a few more… best damn Vietnamese sandwich I ever had…warm light bread, perfect combo of meat veggies and spice. Leaves you wanting another. For $5 you can’t go wrong. Iced coffee too. Please bring one to LB and the South Bay!”

Ctam G.
Redondo Beach, CA

“This place was recommended to us by a vegetarian friend who considers herself a “tofu snob”. As a vegan I prefer not to eat tofu but my wife is a huge fan, bordering on fanatic. Sure enough their tofu is incredibly tasty.

Their vegetarian/vegan sandwich is the BEST that I have had. As a former connoisseur of Vietnamese sandwiches prior to being vegan, I have all but given up on finding a good sandwich. Well, their sandwich is incredible. I had to double check that it really is vegan. The baguette is incredibly fresh with a perfectly crunchy crust/skin with soft interior. The pickles are well seasoned as is the tofu and fresh herbs. The ingredients come together to make a perfect sandwich. Perhaps I got lucky on that sandwich that day but I ordered a second one. 🙂

The wife wants to make sure that I mention that she greatly enjoyed her vegan salad as did the kids with their vegan/vegetarian vermicelli and rice dishes. The ingredients are fresh and the tofu really is tasty. Their vegan sauce is delightful. We definitely would patronize this place more often if it was closer and look forward to coming here whenever we are in the neighborhood.

Addendum. Reread my review and was reminded of other reviews about other great sandwiches. Well the baguette really is very good. It isn’t the typically smaller baguette but part of a longer baguette. Furthermore I had forgotten that a great test is that the sandwich still taste good cold. Well,we did get a third sandwich that day and it still tasted great. That says it all. Again the wife says the salad is good and the kids like the Thai iced tea with almond milk.”

Craig N.
Laguna Niguel, CA

“Simply wonderful! What a treat when we broke for lunch during a shoot on location to discover that the production company had Nam Vietnamese Eatery catering for us!

I’ll describe Nam’s food as : Fresh, crisp and tasty!

Caroline A.
San Diego, CA

“Just got back from a friend’s house where they ordered a party platter salad from this restaurant and it was super delish!! The greens werent the usual leaf lettuce and cilantro but had a variety of different greens which made it much more interesting and flavorful than the usual salads you get. Plus the tofu was nicely marinated with good flavor. Next time I am in town, I will definitely check the restaurant out in person.”

Rose W.
Arcadia, CA

“Went here on it’s opening day with my boyfriend and we were not disappointed. Everything was fantastic, the food, the service and the decor. Nothing short of excellent can’t wait to come back!”

Salina H.
Nashville, TN

“Super yummy! I love this place- great food at a reasonable price. Try the tofu sandwich”

Annabelle H.
Santa Ana, CA

“I am so excited that there’s a place to get a high quality banh mi right by my house!! Yay!! Sandwiches and egg rolls are delicious, service is efficient and friendly, facility is clean and pretty. The tofu with herb banh mi was on point. I will be back. Probably more often than I should.”

Natalie K.
Santa Ana, CA

“First time coming to this new restaurant. The staff is very welcoming and love feed back. They actually care about their clientele. The food was delicious. I ordered vermicelli, and it was fresh and flavorful. I would check this place out if you’re in the area! :-)”

Caralene H.
Yorba Linda, CA

“The house thai tea is [amazing]! I brought my parents and they loved the marinated cubed filet mignon! Ive been here a few times and they’ve been really consistent with service and food. Friendly staff, good food, good vibe. Highly recommended!!”

Arden H.
Mission Viejo, CA

“This is a great place. The dishes were good and authentic. We will definitely come back. Their catering was great also.”

Addoo d.
Huntington Beach, CA

“Delicious! I come here during school now. The food is delicious and very fresh and the staff is extremely friendly. 10/10!”

Ash P.
Santa Ana, CA

“I love this place! Just opened not to long ago. I love that they have vegetarian friendly food!!! The food is delicious and leaves you feeling so satisfied. I’m glad that this is so close to school! Every time I’m craving some phó or a something delicious I’ll just come here.”

Maria C.
Garden Grove, CA

“I had the regular, tofu, and banana egg rolls and was delighted to try the tofu and banana rolls since they were different than other egg rolls. The banh mi was also delicious. The foods were inexpensive and this would be a great place if you want to pick up some delicious Vietnamese goodies!”

Snow W.
City of Industry, CA

“Refreshing, Outstanding, and Great Service!!! I’ve had the grilled beef sandwich, spring rolls, fried banana, garlic butter rice w/ grilled pork, and coffee. They were all delicious! I’m also very happy to hear that when you order “to go”, the containers are biodegradable so it’ll keep not only me but Mother Earth happy too! Nam has just earned a customer for life and luckily this place is so close to me too!!!”

Mason W.
Huntington Beach, CA

“I am a friend of the owner. The food is made fresh to order and is incredibly delicious. The chef comes with many years of experience and has received many rave reviews from critics. The ambiance is cozy and modern. But please don’t take my words for it. Please check it out for yourself.”

Amy N.
Redondo Beach, CA

“What a cool place. I had a chicken rice bowl and some egg rolls. Really tasty. Same went for the ladies I was with. They both liked it. We will be back very soon. Great service. The front end staff was extremely friendly. They went out of their way to tell us all about the food. Oh ,and the thai tea we of the charts.”

Jim B.
Huntington Beach, CA

“What an AWESOME place. I would give them 10 stars. I am PURE Vietnamese and I am a Certified Chef in Orange County which. The food at this place rocks. The food are really tasty. YUM YUM YUM. The people are friendly, clean and not like other Vietnamese restaurants. I noticed that they are very environmental conscious. From the plates to bows are all environmental friendly. Yay!!! I wish you guys many success.”

Steven P.
La Quinta, CA


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